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May 6, 2020

It's time to redesign the website and provide up to date information.

I've been very busy the years taking care of my parents. I'm optimistic I have some time to to take care of my website. Please provide feedback on what you would like to see on the website. My focus is still genealogy research. I'm also thinking about adding information on my experience with dementia, care facilities and support.
Please provide Feedback on what you would like to see. Thank you.

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Hi! I'd like you to meet Betsy & Grayson.
They are very special kitties.

Betsy is a calico with a "beauty mark" I saw on I adopted her at the King County Animal Shelter. Betsy had a "kitty cold" and the tip of her tail was bald because of an allergic reaction to fleas. She now has long hair, including her tail. She also enjoys all the kitty toys and sitting in the window. Her nickname is "Betsy Boots". Betsy's fringed "boots" are made for wiggling.

Grayson was listed on and he was described as a very social kitty with big green eyes. I knew he would be a perfect fit for our family. I immediately went to the King County Animal Shelter and adopted him.

Some of our favorite places
catpaw Fancy Feast



catpaw Caboodle Ranch

catpaw Washington Pet Shelters
      and Animal Rescue
catpaw PAWS Home Page

catpaw Cat Books

catpaw Patriotic Pets

catpaw 1-800-PetMeds


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